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2012-01-17 21:13:41 by kaiser185

I don't understand it, why would one deliberately destroy what would otherwise be a very nice piece of music. Dubstep producers make some of nicest melodies out there, but they mix it in with the characteristic wub wubs and it generally doesn't sound too good.
To me it feels like a poor attempt to extend the songs, besides it is sort of bandwagon that everybody jumps on but it doesn't go anywhere, it doesn't evolve, it remains the same, and yes most of electronic music suffers from the same condition, but in dubstep it specially noticeable.
Credit must be given where credit is due though, and dubstep deserves a lot of it for essentially repopularizing Electronic music in America and single handedly becoming one of the most popular styles of music in a relatively short period of time.

Still, I wouldn't see myself producing dupstep, ever, I mean It just doesn't sound right to me, and I have no idea on how I would make it stand out from the ocean of aspiring dubstep producers.

My suggestion on how to perhaps improve the gerne would be to abandon the whole wub wub and intense repetitive bass line thing it has going on, it should focus on the melody, on the atmosphere, on everything but the characteristic wubs.


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2012-01-17 21:47:51

W/e helps you sleep at night


2012-01-24 23:34:29

I agree.


2012-02-06 00:02:54

Very nice expression.