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2012-02-26 21:07:24 by kaiser185

I've always loved how musicians uses a different scales to compose their music, it gives their music a pleasant variation and allows their music to evolve and to change, to express different feelings and to evoke different thoughts.

As a musician one must ask oneself what scale to use, and for some the answers are usually quite obvious, but for me this is a question that leaves me dumbfounded as I never know which scale to use and I always end up going back to my beloved Aeolian mode/scale on C, after all it is the only one I know, yet it leaves me with a feeling of hopelessness since I really can't use any other scale.

But I've broken this horrible trend, and I've finally found another scale which I feel comfortable using, the Mixolydian Scale, a truly wonderful scale, which allows me to change the overall feel of my new songs.

And I stumbled upon it almost by accident, I composed a short piano piece, 4 bars, and noticed that it wasn't fitting in the aeolian mode in C, so I decided to move the notes so that they would conform to my old scale, but as it turned out it didn't sound as good, so I ended up looking up scales to see in what scale I had made my little piano piece, and as it turns out it was in the mixolydian scale.

Pleasantly surprised by my new discovery I proceeded to flesh out the piano piece into a complete song, which is currently a work in progress. I hope to be able to finish it soon.

In any case I just felt like getting this off my chest, and I've finally admitted to myself how stubborn and resistant to change I am, which in any case must be for good.

I also have a question for you, and I'd love to hear from you, so here it goes:
What scale do you use the most and why? Or if you only use one, why?

-Thanks for reading,


2012-01-17 21:13:41 by kaiser185

I don't understand it, why would one deliberately destroy what would otherwise be a very nice piece of music. Dubstep producers make some of nicest melodies out there, but they mix it in with the characteristic wub wubs and it generally doesn't sound too good.
To me it feels like a poor attempt to extend the songs, besides it is sort of bandwagon that everybody jumps on but it doesn't go anywhere, it doesn't evolve, it remains the same, and yes most of electronic music suffers from the same condition, but in dubstep it specially noticeable.
Credit must be given where credit is due though, and dubstep deserves a lot of it for essentially repopularizing Electronic music in America and single handedly becoming one of the most popular styles of music in a relatively short period of time.

Still, I wouldn't see myself producing dupstep, ever, I mean It just doesn't sound right to me, and I have no idea on how I would make it stand out from the ocean of aspiring dubstep producers.

My suggestion on how to perhaps improve the gerne would be to abandon the whole wub wub and intense repetitive bass line thing it has going on, it should focus on the melody, on the atmosphere, on everything but the characteristic wubs.


2012-01-12 17:12:27 by kaiser185

Well, I figured I would arrive here someday, Piano Power is essentially dead in its tracks until I figure out what I want to do with the drums, and I haven't been able to finish the melodies so that project is on an indefinite hiatus.

Another project I wanted to finish before the new year arrived ended up in a very similar position, mainly due to the fact that I just haven't been able to do the characteristic sound and feel of hardstyle, and although I am working on it, it might not arrive until march or april, I am however going to post a loop soon to see what you guys think.

And another project is a very old song I never finished, and believe it or not I am thinking of ressurecting it, we'll see.


Mastering and stuff

2011-09-11 13:54:19 by kaiser185

Oh boy, I am having a really bad time coming up with a melody, since everytime one is close to being done I end up scrapping it due to clipping, mixer shenanigans, etc. Anyways If any of you could give me some suggestions on how to reduce clipping with my synths I'd appreciate it andhow to avoid having the synths on z3ta+ from sounding way louder than they should.